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Project Analysis

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Project Appraisal & Impact Analysis

product: 4298 | course code: c207|c307

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Project Appraisal and Impact Analysis Course Introduction and Overview

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Project Appraisal and Impact Analysis


University of London

Course Introduction and Overview


This course has been designed around the core areas of project planning, investment appraisal, social cost-benefit analysis, project risk, distributional effects and impact assessment. It covers both private and public sector investment and appraisal techniques, but has an emphasis on development projects, which are wholly or partially funded from the public sector. The techniques of project financial and economic analysis and impact assessment are becoming increasingly important as methods for choosing between projects where resources, both financial and human, are limited. The use of recognised assessment techniques for project proposals has become mandatory as part of the selection and justification process for projects funded by the international financial institutions such as the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, the African, Asian and InterAmerican Development Banks as well as regional banks and other donor agencies. However, while financial and economic issues relating to resource...

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