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MY PROJECT MY PROJECT Name: Damoni Collins Class: 10:4 Teacher: Mr.Holness Acknowledgement I would like to thank my teacher Mr.Holness for being generous and patient to us in teaching the topic for our project so we can have a better understanding in what we should supposed to do. Also I would like to give thanks to god for giving me the strength and knowledge in putting this project together and finishing it in order. Introduction This project is written to define and give images to define the words so we can have a better understanding in what we are reading. This project consist of three sections, section one defines about our telephone calls, section two gives definitions about our telephone services and section three consist of images and definitions about or postal services. Definitions of telephone calls Long distance/overseas calls: in telecommunications most international calls can be obtained by direct dialing, a long-distance call or trunk call is a telephone call made outside a defined local area, usually to another city. These calls are typically characterized by their higher per-minute cost ("national rate" or "overseas rate" instead of local rate), by terminating at a destination served by a different local telephone exchange or by being carried over intercity trunks or interexchange carriers instead of a direct line between two adjacent exchanges. Direct dialing: is a telecommunications term for a network-provided service feature in which a call originator may, without operator assistance, call any other user outside the local calling area. DD requires more digits in the number dialed than are required for calling within the local area or area code. DD also extends beyond the boundaries of national public telephone network, in which case it is called international direct

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