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Project Definitions A project is a specific activity with a specific starting point & specific ending point intended to accomplish a specific objective. It is something you draw a boundary around, at least a conceptual and say this is the project. (J. Price Gittinger). A project is the smallest unit of activity that can be separately planned, analyzed,& administratively implemented. (Soloman, Morris). Project is a location specific & context specific activity, with inputs & outputs directed towards achieving specific objectives. (Dr. Santhanam ML). Project is a goal oriented; time bound collection of linked activities with preset objectives. Key concepts Situational study – It is a process of participatory data collection, analysis, and reflection. It constitutes the basis of change through action. Specific objective – It is the intended achievement / desired result. The objective should be SMART. Activity- planned intervention to attain objectives Input – Resource (Human, Material, Money, Technology, Information, and Time) provided to a project / an activity in order to achieve planned objective. Output / Result – Goods, products, services, or changes generated by project activities. Effects / Outcome – Results of the use of output generated. It is at objective level. It is within project period. Impact – Net effect of activities, output and effects on socio- economic, political, cultural scenario. It goes beyond the direct benefits arising from the project intervention. Longer than project duration. Indicator – Standard against which change or progress is measured and assessed. Sustainability – It refers to the long term continuation of a project. It ensures long term viability and benefit continuation. Key factors of sustainability of a project are local resource availability, the quality of community participation, local institutional

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