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Project 1 To find out what is expected of me and my work standards in an organisation I would first ascertain the organisational goals and culture outlined in the organisation’s mission statement and discover what the relevant industry standards are. I would determine the competence levels in technical and generic skills required, which should be outlined in my job specification. I would then ensure that my competencies and goals align with the organisation’s requirements. Having a clear understanding of customer expectations, perceptions and value is essential in being able to meet their demands and thereby assist the organisation in achieving its goals in meeting customer demand, observing and learning from competitors within the industry assists in determining direction and the avoidance of mistakes, as well as customer demand and product development. Continuous improvement/development is essential to the ongoing success of an organisation and therefore to all employees. To maintain my value within the organisation I would ensure my own effectiveness and continuous development by gaining feedback from managers, colleagues and importantly, clients, as each job depends upon customer satisfaction, using key performance indicators (KPIs), skills audits and performance appraisals. I would then collate that information to determine my effectiveness within the organisation and if there are any skill gaps and take courses/better myself to close those gaps. Once I had identified what was expected of me and my work standards in the organisation, I would create work strategies/plans to follow. In achieving its goals an organisation needs to create organisational plans, which include: required inputs, strategies, resources required, personnel responsibilities, methodologies/strategies, processes and procedures,

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