Proj 410 Final Term Exam Set 1 Essay

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PROJ 410 Final Term Exam Set 1 Purchase here Product Description Week 8 Final Exam Page 1 1. (TCO 1 & 4) What would facilitate a business process outsourcing transition quickly and maintain some consistency in the organization? (Points : 5) allow the outsourced firm autonomy to create its own policies and procedures with no regard for the project's goals quickly lay off all employees retain key employees through transition sidestep the RFP process because it takes too long 2. (TCO 4) Under this pricing contract, the buyer pays the seller's actual costs and a fixed fee determined as a percentage of the estimated project costs. (Points : 5) CPFF CPF CBF CPIF 3. (TCO 7) Which step(s) should a buyer take to evaluate the seller's proposal? (Points : 5) Establish a scoring system Weigh each evaluation criterion Select key evaluation criteria All of the above 4. (TCO 5) Negotiations in a BPO agreement are largely determined by which factor? (Points : 5) The underlying objectives of each of the parties The scope of services being outsourced The relative bargaining positions of the parties All of the above are factors that determine negotiations 5. (TCO 6) Employee morale and expectations, buyer's precedent, service level desired by the buyer, and the efficient delivery of services by the seller are all _____. (Points : 5) reasons affecting the human resource transfer decision reasons to outsource human resources reasons to maintain the business process in-house reasons to exclude offshoring contractors from bidding on an RFP 6. (TCO 3) Which is not a key component in the project procurement management process? (Points : 5) Select sellers Plan contracting Request for proposal Plan purchases and acquisitions 7. (TCO 6) What are some steps to take when
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