Prohibition: Why Did America Change Its Mind

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Aditya Sinha Block- 4A 2/27/12 Prohibition: Why did America Change its Mind? During the 1920s, America suffered a severe problem regarding alcoholic beverages. A Majority of the population was unable to drink responsively and therefore had to suffer certain consequences, such as Prohibition. To be precise, the 18th amendment prohibited alcohol in the United States. It was passed due to several reasons; a number of states believed that corruption, child abuse, crime, and unemployment had increased due to alcohol. Also, drunken and absentee workers were unacceptable, since this was seen as a huge drag on the economy. In 1917, twenty-six of the states voted themselves “dry”, which basically meant that they would dismiss alcohol and remain…show more content…
The men who made the Prohibition law itself started to violate it and drinking in private places were hard to terminate. Document D states “…How can you have the heart to prosecute a bootlegger…when you know for a fact that the men who make the laws…are themselves patronizing bootleggers?” This appeared to be a huge problem since how could one enforce a law and not follow it? Considering that everyone was in search of whiskey and alcohol, the law became hard to enforce. Another example can be seen in Document H, which states “There was general prevalence of drinking in homes, clubs and hotels…neither Congress nor the states set up adequate machinery…for the enforcement of the prohibitory legislation.” This shows that drinking was still occurring throughout the nation. Therefore, another reason why America changed its mind was because the law was hard to…show more content…
Prohibition was the reason why bootleggers and racketeers started to gain fame. Instead of reducing or limiting the amount of alcoholic intake the law increased mortality rates and provoked more illegal activity. If the law had not been passed, it would have been beneficial to everyone i.e. the people, congressmen etc. Around 1933, the law was repealed in fear of more negative activity; an action that was necessary before elements got out of

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