Prohibition: Then And Now

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Samuel Guarino Mrs. Braniger English Composition 1 20 March 2015 Prohibition: Then and Now It will be forty four years in June since President Richard Nixon declared a “war on drugs,” identifying drug abuse as “public enemy number one.” A lot has changed over the course of these four decades in our society but our Federal Government is still fighting this losing battle that costs tax payers billions of dollars every year, a number that only continues to grow. Years from now our countrymen will look back on these days and see this “war on drugs” as the same failed experiment that the prohibition era was. Both prohibition of alcohol and the “war on drugs” have similar beginnings they were brought about by the urge of politicians to curb crime…show more content…
Even more striking were the results in California, where voters overwhelmingly passed one of the broadest sentencing reforms in the nation, defelonizing possession of hard drugs. One week later, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYPD announced an end to arrests for marijuana possession. It's all part of the most significant story in American drug policy since the passage of the 21st Amendment legalized alcohol in 1933: The people of this country are leading a dramatic de-escalation in the War on Drugs.”…show more content…
It could be some time before a federal progressive movement delivers us to helping and healing instead of convicting and profiting. It took a decade in the 20’s, as well as a majority of our nation to change their mind on prohibition, with a President like FDR to change the nation. With our country moving away from this “war on drugs” it will end eventually. Works Cited Dickinson, Tim. "The War on Drugs is Burning Out (Cover Story)." Rolling Stone 1226 (2015): 33-37.Academic Search Complete. Web. 23 March 2015. Behr, Edward. “Prohibition” New York: Arcade Publishing, 1996. Print. “Prison Privatization” P1-5 (N.D.): Web. 23 March 2015 U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics “Drug War Clock” (2009): Web. 23 March 2015 Riggs, Mike. “4 Industries Getting Rich Off the Drug War.” 0422 (2012): p.4 Web. 23 March

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