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Nathan Zapata American History Progressivism Progressivism is change in anyway shape or form. Progressivism affects the lives of everyone that is around the era. Urbanization is a big part of progressivism because it changes the way cities look and act. Progressivism does not only change cities, it changes the way people live. Women in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s were treated as property. The husband controlled there wife. The wife had to do what the husband told them what to do when he told them to do it. If the wife didn’t do as the husband instructed then the wife was abused. Kate Chopin is a fantastic example of a woman that didn’t go with the flow of society. Chopin showed her independence through literature. She told stories that expressed her true feelings and opinions toward the way women were treated. By doing this Chopin created a ripple effect. Literature was the only way of entertainment back then so everyone would know about her writing. Chopin set the base for all women’s movements to gain freedom and women’s rights. Urbanization made cities what they are today. Louis Sullivan would be called a visionary. Sullivan developed the first skyscraper and followed a base that he called “form follows function”. This means that each building has a specific form that is made for a specific function for that building. Sullivan set the base for all sky scrapers to be built. Sky scrapers allow more people to live in a city because there was very little room to expand outward. Because there was so little room to build, crowding, cleanliness, and fights became an epidemic. Fights became a problem because everyone was bumping into one another on the streets. Sanitation was a problem because housing was poor and there was no landfill to dump any waste. This meant that all the sewage was filling the streets. The odors were horrendous and

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