Progressive Reformers Of The Progressive Era

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Kevin Fuqua Dr. Catherine L Johnson, Instructor U.S. History II: HIST-1302 March 25, 2013 History Essay 2 Reformation of Education The Progressive reformers of this working class era had to be loud and proactive in order for their progressive movement to be more than just heard. It is easy to see that their cry out for government reformation should have been loud enough when considering how much of the nation’s population were middle-class citizens trying to improve their family’s way of life as well as their own. As a Progressive activist, my instinctive impulse is to put forth all of my efforts into this new vision of government power, all the while trusting for the right counsel to be ushered down through the established branches of government. This maneuver enables control and supervision of America’s…show more content…
Being involved while adapting to all the changes that are occurring in numerous regards, I would be partial to the reformation that is being made within the education system. It's easy to recognize that despite the matter of a law being passed or the foundation being installed, the result of it will carry for many years to come. Therefore, in view of the long-term stability of our children's future, it is imperative that the ground we choose to step out onto first is as flawless as possible. It's conclusive that in carrying the label of Progressive activist, I am in total disagreement of the profound gap between the separation of classes (Progressive Era to New Era). In order

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