Progressive Reformers During The Progressive Era

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As the new super power of the western world began to grow in popularity and immigrants began to flock to the states in hope of a new beginning and release from persecution, problems began to emerge. Industrialization and the sanitation of cities became a problem, only a small portion of people were lucky enough to hold a portion of the nations wealth. Workers of all kinds men, women and children slaved their days away in factories for long hours under dangerous conditions, poor pay, and uncertainty that their job would remain through the year. Competition was incredibly stiff between workers and everyone fought for what poor paying job they could get. Political machines controlled the votes of feeble minded, foreign, and poor citizens promising steady jobs and money rewards for their votes. As the United States began the 20th century people began to riot for a change. Progressive reformers considered these economically and politically corrupt people of wealth and authority to be a threat to the true American dream. A protest and change began to protect the working people and to unite the social classes.…show more content…
Adams proclaimed that immigrants deserved the same amount of power and respect that white protestant Americans received. Adams founded Settlement Houses for women to improve the lives of other Americans who were not as privileged as the upper class and help in the quest for social justice. In Jane Adams “What Lured Women to Settlement Houses“ Adams proclaims that a universal brotherhood should be sought after by the new generation of leaders and workers that can bring their thoughts and ideas together to unite in a truly democratic society. Adams states that the only way proficient changes can be made would be through the vote of the masses, not solely through those with power and
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