Progressive Era Through The Great Depression

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Progressive Era through the Great Depression Sylvia Ann Forbes Prof Mel Albin, PhD History 105 November 8, 2012 Abstract The Progressive Era remains one of the most interesting objects of historical analysis. The Progressive was an era needed by the people. The goal of this paper is to provide answers to the questions pertaining to the period of the Progressive Era through the Great Depression. The paper discusses and evaluates two major points in the Progressive Era and their impacts on the current economy, society, politics, and culture. The issues of women’s suffrage and corporate legislation are discussed. The paper reviews the importance of the Spanish-American War for the creation of the American Empire. Government’s involvement in economic affairs during the Roaring Twenties is…show more content…
Keywords: Progressive Era, Great Depression, economy, suffrage, business, federal. The Progressive Era through the Great Depression The Progressive Era: Major Points and Impacts The end of the 19th century presented the United States a huge number of problems that required immediate solutions. The American society was facing numerous economic and social injustices (Sage, 2010). The war between labor and capital became the determining feature of the time (Sage, 2010). The Progressive Era came in the last years of the 19th century and lasted until 1917, bringing new ideas and progressive reforms whose legacy continues to persist until today. The Progressives agenda was to clean up
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