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Progressive Era Essay

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American History
Progressive Era
Questions 2,4,5
Change in the Growth of American Corporations, Technological change and organizational change both played integral parts in the growth of large American industrial corporations in the late nineteenth century. I don't believe that you can truly choose one or the other to be more important than the other because they are so directly related to each other, as one expanded the other would change.
The Progressive Era was an age when political and economic freedoms expanded for many. Progressives assumed that the Modern era required a fundamental rethinking of the functions of political authority. Out of this belief came the idea of "effective freedom" Enlarging democracy, governing by experts, and spearheading reform were all characteristic of the era.
Before the civil war and well into the industrial age all but a few manufacturers operated on a small scale and mainly for nearby markets. The American economy had no need for mass marketing and large-scale enterprises. Most goods were moved by water, a mode of transportation quite adequate at the time. With the arrival of the locomotive from Britain in the 1830’s that was certain to change. With a population swell from 1870 to 1890 people flocked to the cities and the nation’s economy moving to large-scale enterprises was inevitable. The railroads brought these tightly packed markets within reach of distant producers.
Nowhere else in the world did manufactures have so vast and accessible home markets for their products, but it wasn’t until the late nineteenth century that the railroad system became so well organized. Along with the arrival of locomotives came many afflictions, railroad.
They were all progressive reformers, but their foreign policies were definitely comparable. Roosevelt's foreign policy was the "Big Stick Policy." Speak softly and carry a big stick; he used the American Navy as his stick. Taft's policy was "Dollar Diplomacy." This was a method of...

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