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Progress Check #3 MAIN IDEA (50 Points) PART A: List and briefly describe each step in the three-step method for identifying the stated or unstated main idea in a passage. (15 pts.) 1. 2. 3. PART B: As you read the following paragraph, use the three step method to help you identify the stated main idea. State the main idea as it appears in the paragraph. (15 pts.) Chocolate Most people today connect chocolate with sweetness. However, people in ancient societies prepared it differently from the way it is made today. They picked beans that grew on wild cacao trees in the rain forests of Mexico, South America, and Central America. They ground the cacao beans. Then they added ingredients such as cornmeal and chili peppers. The mixture was made into a drink as thick as honey. [Adapted from Henry, The Skilled Reader, 2004, p. 209.] Step One: Step Two: Step Three: PART C: As you read the following passage, answer the questions to help you to infer the unstated main idea of the passage. Answering questions 1-4 will help you state the unstated main idea in your own words in question #5. (20 pts.) Support for My Mother In the spring of 1991, my mother fell as she walked down the steps outside her doctor’s office. She had broken her hip many years before and walked with an uneven gait. When she lost her balance on the steps, she feared that she had broken her hip again. An ambulance took her to a nearby hospital for X-rays. The doctors there thought she had a hairline fracture in her hip. She couldn’t walk well enough to be on her own at her apartment, so the hospital discharged her to a nursing home. I lived about 2,000 miles away at the time and arrived in town after my mother had settled into the home. My sister and I knew that she could only stay in

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