Programmatic Assesment Essay

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Individual Programmatic Assessment Individual Programmatic Assessment As a Human Service worker you work with special populations which are in need of mediation and advocates. Having the ability to mediate, advocate and facilitate are important tools as well as desired skills within the field of human services. In order to help these special populations you must be aware of groups that bring resources as well as advocate in a national and international basis for special populations. As an advocate you are the voice for someone who is unable to speak for themselves or unable to defend their rights and as mediator you assist as a neutral party in the agreement to a dispute on differences two parties might have. The contents of this assignment will attempt to address how three different organizations advocate for the populations they work with as well as what these organizations do. In an international level Amnesty International is one of the leading educator and fighter of human rights across the globe. Amnesty International allows people across all continents to voice their concerns regarding their human rights as well as educate people who are unaware of their rights and advocate for them. According to Amnesty International they help give individuals the tools that are needed to allow them to secure, mandate and protect their rights as well as create social change within their community. They advocate by fighting for those who are unable or afraid to fight for themselves and bring awareness and education worldwide on human rights. In a local level they work with governments on legislative measures, policies, create resources, develop learning processes, aid in educational environments and enable training for teachers and educators. Internationally they are aggressively involved in advocating for basic human rights as well as link human rights education

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