Program Planning and Evaluation Paper

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Program Planning and Evaluation Paper Program planning and program evaluation are two separate ways to look at a program and even though they are each separate things they rely on each other to create a successful program and get the funding that the programs require to keep going. If you look at program planning it is the basis for developmental processes that makes goals and ideas that are put in place to take care of problems and allow the programs to work better with the community. Program planning is the logical aspect of how things are going to be done, what the purpose of the program is, and how it will serve the community and the people within the programs realm of influence (University of Phoenix, 2012). You need to know by program planning what the local population and the community need within a program and how to set it up to best serve those that may require assistance from the programs. Once the program planning is complete a program evaluation looks at the planning to see what the outcome of the planning was to see if the program is functioning as it should. If you look into the public and private shareholders/stakeholders they more often than not like to know if the programs that they are either trying to funding or are implementing, voting for or objecting to are producing effects that they are supposed to (Wilson,A.L., & Cervero, R.M., 2010). If you are going after funding then you want to show those that are going to give you funding that your program is worth their time and money. There is no point for a potential stakeholder to put in money on a risk that could likely not pan out. So Program planning and program evaluation rely heavily on each other to show potential grantors that the program that is looking for funds is going to provide the desired results. In our scenario I am going with Continental Senior Center and in this scenario
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