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Program Proposal/Design; COSA I would like my program to focus on children of substance abusers from the ages of 10-17. I feel like at this stage they are ready and able to learn and ask for help. I do not feel like my program would benefit children of younger ages. The initial contact with my program can and will take place due to many factors. Children who have been in contact with a social worker for any reason, court ordered due to their parent’s misbehavior, voluntarily, or recommended by any type of peer. * If at any point a child is in contact with a social worker there is assumption that there is some type of problem in the home. These problems will need to be substance abuse related to keep the program on tack. * I would also like my program to be a type of treatment program for the parent; if a parent is in trouble for substance abuse it should be ordered that the children participate in this program. * At certain ages children can recognize that there are problems at home and may be able to obtain help themselves. * Often teachers or school counselors recognize a child in need and can recommend the program The goals of my program will be to educate, counsel, and teach life skills to children of substance abusers. If COSA’s are educated, counseled, and taught then they will be less likely to participate in drug abuse, deal with problems correctly, and function in society better. * Children who are educated about their parent’s problem may be able to cope with the problem better and learn substance abuse is not accepted. By learning that substance abuse is not accepted and the cause and effects of substance abuse, the goal is to keep children from participating in unacceptable behavior. * Children who have dealt with a parent or parents who are substance abusers often have been through traumatic experiences or witnessed

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