Profitable New Urban Design Essay

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The story of Prairie Crossing, Illinois is an inspirational tale that not only exemplifies healthy community design, but also clearly demonstrates that sustainable projects can be profitable. Obtaining capital investments is one of the major obstacles in transforming a traditional community into a healthy community. Investors and developers expect to maximize profits, and all too often, those maximized profits come at the expense of the health of the communities they create. Prairie Crossing’s creators found a way to maximize profits while catering to the health concerns of their clientele. Some of the symptoms of unhealthy suburban lifestyles include high blood pressure, obesity, risk of violence and traffic collision risks, and exposure of carcinogens which proliferate in the present-day built environment(Jackson & Sinclair 2012). Built environments have historically been designed with profit as the main focus of their planning and construction. The autocentric nature of suburbs lends itself to an unhealthy lifestyle. Long commutes add to air pollution and waste time that could be used more productively. Most suburbs lack opens spaces and parks because developers want to use every square foot available to fit in and extra home. Prairie Crossing is a place to rediscover the ideals which helped to create the logical neighborhood layouts of prior generations. Home should be a place in the community not just a house on a street. People need time to interact with families and neighbors and time to exercise for their own health and happiness. Parents who spend a lot of time commuting don’t have much time to prepare meals and so their children grow up eating unhealthy processed foods. (Jackson & Sinclair 2012) Residential and commercial buildings need to be built with the needs of the occupants as the principle design element. Simple steps like using natural

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