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Profit Driven Organization Report

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Profit driven companies
Report to Dr. Matuszek for Mgt4479

By: Mahenou Tahir

Executive summary

This report is to show and share ideas about profit driven companies. A key to achieving success in a profit driven company is by achieving excellent strategic performance through fully integrating process and information in all business areas including HR, marketing, sales, manufacturing and customer service. The potential variable for profit gaining is efficiency. Efficiency is needed in all the components. Larger companies are more efficient than smaller companies. Profit driven companies have more opportunities to grow with focused benefits of the owner. Mostly, excessive operating costs of a company in the short run and market instability causing excessive losses in the long run are the wastes generated by businesses and some fail to recognize. The wastes can be avoided in the short run and long run in order to increase profitability just by changed thinking and altering how the company organizes work.

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There are two basic types of organizations. The first is for profit organization and the other is nonprofit organization.
A nonprofit organization exists mainly for a specific service to the community. It is organized under rules and is not allowed to share profits among the owners.  
For profit organizations exists mainly for making profits where it benefits the owners. It means that they want to acquire more money than what they spend. The owners can decide if they want to keep the profit to themselves or they want invest...

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