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People are fascinated with the horrendous crimes of serial killers and seem to become more enthralled as the victim count grows. The longer a serial killer eludes capture the more media attention they receive. Law enforcement agencies dread using the term “serial” and the media feeds off it, all the while causing panic and fear in the hearts of the general population. Criminal profiling in relation to serial killers is an in depth process that studies have shown can be highly effective in both the capture and prevention of these monsters. With such an effective weapon available why are we continuing to let these monsters terrorize men, women, and children? Even though profiling is not always accurate, profiling should be used to prevent killers from reaching serial status because they all share the same traits, characteristics and basic killing patterns. Early studies in the 1980’s that compared serial killers in England with serial killers in the United States showed that even with the cultural diversity of the countries, the killers shared the same basic traits and patterns. While studying these violent offenders it was discovered that crime scene re-creations of behavioral patterns allowed the investigators to learn a great deal of information about the offender. The process was originally referred to as ‘‘profiling’’ and later referred to as ‘‘criminal investigative analysis.’’ One argument against profiling is that it is not an effective way to catch a serial killer. Profiling may not be effective by itself, however profiling is meant to be an addition to other criminal investigative tools (Wolf, 2007.) When used properly profiling can be highly effective. There are three ways to examine offender behavior at any crime scene – the killer’s method or procedure, their personal signature, and if/how the killer staged the scene (Jones, 2000.) Staging usually occurs

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