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Nick Makowski Chapman ENG 101 S01 9 October 2014 Twisted Tradition Small family businesses are always great and can make a person feel at home, but have you ever heard of one that has had an effect on an entire city? Gus’ Pretzels in St. Louis, Missouri has done just that. It is a family business that has been selling pretzels locally for almost one hundred years. The small business has become a part of the city’s history, a great place to visit, and a St. Louis tradition. Gus’ roots have not only been planted in the heart of St. Louis, but also deep in the hearts of the city’s people. It all began with the great influx of German immigrants into St. Louis in the late 1800s. The Germans were known for their baking. Numerous pretzel bakeries began to appear across the city. In 1920, a man named Frank Ramsperger decided to begin baking and selling pretzels. He named his business Gus’, after his son-in-law, Gus Koebbe. This very same Gus’ has been family owned ever since. Gus Koebbe took over the business in 1952, Gus Koebbe Jr. took charge in 1980, and Gus Koebbe III recently joined the pretzel making business. Nearly one hundred years of pretzel twisting, and the Koebbe family still remains the strong hold behind the loved small business. Just as the family behind the business has not changed, neither has their recipe. While their menu has expanded by adding pretzel bun sandwiches and pretzel wrapped sausages, the way they create their pretzel sticks and twists has not changed. “Why fix something that doesn’t need fixing,” says owner Gus Koebbe Jr. The original taste keeps long time customers coming, and continues to excite the taste buds of newcomers. One reason Gus’ is a Saint Louis favorite is because it is placed near the heart of the city and has been ever since it’s opening. On the corner of Arsenal Street and Lemp Avenue, near Anheuser-Busch brewery,

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