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Ice Storms Problem Set: 1. a) (2.5cm)*(3000cm)*(3000cm)*(0.92g/cm3) = 20700000g = 20700kg b) (2.5cm)*(3000cm)*(3000cm)*(0.1g/cm3)= 2250kg c) - It is much easier to get rid of snow on roof than frozen layer of water on roof - It is much easier to remove snow than frozen layer of water on any surface. - The impacts that could be caused by snow are much lower than that of freezing rain due to the weight associated with them. - Snow could be blown off the roof whereas freezing rain layers can’t. d) ??? 2. a) ?? b) The 'Synoptic' conditions for an ice storm - often occurs to the north of a warm front and to the west of a surface cyclone (about 72% of the events) - Often occurs on the cold side of a cold front in a cold-air dome associated with a high pressure system Reason????? 3. Freezing rain would happen at location (B), because it is located on the 'cold side' of cold front. rain: snow: ice pellets: 4. When Cyclone develops, initially there is a boundary, or front, separating warm air to the south from the cold air to the north. The front is often stationary. Then, a wave on the front will form as an upper level disturbance embedded in the jet stream moves over the front. The front develops a "kink" where the wave is developing. As the wave intensifies, both cold and warm fronts become better organized. Basically, the winds sets up the cyclone to occur and when the cyclone is fully matured, the regions just outside of warm front, and the regions just behind the cold front is where freezing rain precipitates. 5. a) Start time: 1:00 AM End time: 6:00 AM b) Start: 10:30 PM (5 hrs) End time: 12:30 AM (50hrs) c) 2 x 5 = 10 mm d) 2 x 50 = 100 mm e) ???? 6. a) Freezing rain ~650 hPa, it precipitates in the form of snow since it does not pass the melting point (zero degrees Celsius) 650 hPa ~ 900 hPa: it

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