Professionalism, Tact and the Customs and Courtesies Essay

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In this essay I will be covering professionalism, tact and the customs and courtesies inside the Marine Corps; why these traits are important to possess while serving in the Marine Corps. Marine Corps customs and courtesies are extremely vital to how the Marine Corps works. They are meant to strengthen discipline and the chain of command, demonstrating how Marines should treat their superiors. Also, they strengthen the solidarity and union of the corps. This is one the few things that has made this brotherhood what it is today. Marine courtesies include correct forms of address and the proper time each should be used; saluting and when to stand at attention; how to properly wear the uniform and the behavioral rules as specific to different ceremonies. Details can change depending on any one individuals rank, location, and conditions. For example, a military funeral requires a stricter decorum than a normal day. Sometimes, courtesies are more relaxed under field conditions; for example, many officers discourage saluting while in combat to avoid becoming targets for enemies. Also, in the United States of America as well as other allied countries. Also, in the United States of America and a few allied countries, it is restricted to saluting both in the field during battle situations and indoors. There are other, more practical functions, concerning military courtesies. For example, in the United States Navy, the practice of "bracing" came into effect because of the narrow passageway on board ships. Considering officers have to quickly move about the ship, sailors got out of the way by "bracing" themselves against the wall in the position of attention when the superior walks by. Since then this established practice has broadened to encompass corridors and, depending on the situation, hallways of buildings, but it continues to be most practical for use on board

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