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Professionalism And Codes Of Ethics Essay

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One of the primary differences is that with law and medicine, there is an actual requirement to be a member of an accredited organization that is recognized for its adherence to a particular code of ethics. Each of these professions also has a single body that governs these codes. Engineering has many independent bodies that have similar codes to one another but they are all considered separate entities and membership in any one of these organizations is not compulsory nor is it recognized by any of the other bodies. In order to bring engineering up to a level that it is fully honored as a profession like medicine or law, there would have to be some sort of unification of all the independent organizations into a single governing body that would somehow require persons to be affiliated with this organization in order to be accredited and recognized as a professional engineer.

Law, medicine and engineering all fall into the model of a social contract wherein they are given a certain level of “authority” based on the fact that the work they do perform is a service that benefits society as a whole. Society rewards these individuals with a certain level prestige be it salary, respect or authority over others. Depending on your view point, it could be seen that all of these professions also fall into the business model as well, being that law and medicine do limit the number or persons that are able to practice by their possibly limiting practices of testing and certification in order to be able to legally practice. With the current structure and organization of the governing bodies in the engineering profession, it is difficult to see how engineering might fall into this category. It is primarily a service based profession and it not limiting in its numbers or qualifications.

My Students Code of ethics would be a more simplified short form of codes, just giving some basic guidelines for students to follow. It would not give the student specific solutions to each...

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