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Professional values and ethics are the principals which help us determine our actions and conduct in any given profession. These are the rules which are available in a prioritized manner that help us determine what is right and wrong in our profession. While Professional values is a list of items that tell us about things which are important, ethics guides us and drives our sense of what is right or wrong within each given professional value. They can impact your career success instantaneously. For major companies like Apple and Microsoft, their professional values and ethics can determine how many consumers can trust their products, or how reliable their product really is. For example, the professional values of Apple are to obtain simplicity, be environmentally safe, and make a dependable product. This selection of professional values would help a customer determine what a company’s goals are, but the ethics are the selection of choices that help the company perform its duties in a right manner. For example, Microsoft has to compete with Apple on a high level, but sometimes they can’t compete with the professional values Apple has, so Microsoft’s ethics are at a higher level because in order for them to win over customers. Microsoft needed to adapt to the consumer’s need, and they did, unlike Apple which puts out technology that sometimes hits or misses, such as their latest invention the IPAD, which was a huge miss, where as Windows 7 for Microsoft solved a lot of their operating system problems which led to a confident consumer base. As it states in our book, “When life throws you a curveball, the key is not to change your mission—if that is what you continue to want—but to find new ways to adapt and succeed”(Carter Ch 12). Both companies have faced many curveballs, but because both of them have strong professional values and ethics, they both can stay at a

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