Professional Standards Essay

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Professional Standards <meta> tags are used to optimize web sites by using snippets of informational code positioned between the <head> tags that make your web site more visible to search engines. Through the years <meta> tags have been widely misunderstood and either used incorrectly or abused. <meta> tags were developed in the 90s to help with the rapid growth of the internet and web pages. Unfortunately <meta> tags were misused by webmaster buy doing what is called tag stuffing. This is a process where a web designer places content inside their <meta> tags that does not pertain to their site to attract attention. For example say you searched for an electric company and your results also included plumbers. This is because they stuffed their tags with keys words that pertain to electric companies. This is genuinely harmless with the exception of clogging up search results but when adult web sites tag stuff not only do you get results you do not need or want it can expose children to adult content. As a result of this search engines no long pay any attention to the keywords tag (Web Marketing Now, 2011). While there are many different <meta tags that can be used the most commonly used ones are Title tag, Description tag, and the previously mentioned Keywords tag, even though this tag is more and more being overlooked (Site Pro News, n.d.). Professional Standards in web design are important for developing standardized web designs and practices. This will help ensure that WebPages appear the same on any browser as well as simplify the process of web development. Practices like correctly using <meta> tags is a form of Professional Standards in web design. This can be done by not tag stuffing and making sure that the keywords in your tags are used several times throughout your site (Chad Ross, 2009). References Chad
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