Professional Skills & Leadership Essay

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Professional Skills Growing up, my parents always taught me to work extremely hard at everything I do. They said that if I dedicated myself to something, I should never disappoint. If I channeled my inner drive on things I truly cared about, I could accomplish anything. These great words of wisdom have since sling-shot me through high school with a flourishing track record, being named Valedictorian and winning the Academic All-State and All-Region Award in Athletics. Over the last few years, I have worked on my professional skills so I can one day be successful in whatever career I choose. Playing basketball taught me hard work and dedication on a whole different level. From the 5 a.m. lifting, to the three hour practices, I was at every one. As Captain and leader of the team, I knew if I missed or didn’t work my hardest, it would not just affect me but the entire team. Team work then became imbedded in me. I’m thankful I had a chance to learn the true meaning of the word and be able to practice it for so many years. I feel with whatever company I become apart of, team work will be essential for its success. Also through basketball, with various fund-raising, I developed a great set of sales skills. With every fund-raising event, I would go above and beyond to try and out-sell everybody else. I had no problem going up to complete strangers and talking with them. This in return, enhanced my ability to articulate and communicate effectively with people. In addition to basketball, I have always had a curious mind. I’ve never been satisfied with not understanding something. I taught myself how to use computer software and have since become the techie at my house and among my friends. This will help me in the ever-changing world around us. A certain curiosity and drive to understand keeps me sharp and update on what powers big business: technology.
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