Professional Service Agency Australia Essay

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1. Introduction 2. Job Design & Workplace Flexibility 2.2 diversity Satisfied and engaged employees are more effective and productive in a business. These employees are also more likely to stay with in the organisation. One way to make PSAA more attractive to jobseekers is to encourage diversity in the workplace. According to a survey by HR Council employer in 2010, 73% of respondents identified ‘enhanced innovation and creativity’ as a benefit that would likely flow from a more diverse workforce due to diverse employees providing fresh perspectives and different points of view (HR Council, 2010). Diversity in HR can be a lubricant to improve service to the clients, especially in terms of PSAA focus on the disadvantaged members of the community, it can be beneficial to understand them by hiring multi-culture people. As the workforce reflects the diversity of the community, the organisation better understands the diverse clients needs. Diversity in the workplace can contribute to PSAA’s image as an indiscriminative organisation. As a government funded not-for-profit organisation, it is crucial that PSAA increase the diversity of employees. A key population that needs greater representation within PSAA is the indigenous people of Australia. However, only 2% of indigenous employees are represented in PSAA which is quite a low level of employment. 2.2.1 Indigenous As an alternative to the current skill shortages in industries, indigenous Australians who are young working aged people, and taking into account the great rising number of population, the indigenous could prove to be a valuable untapped labour source. It has been found that the average size of Australian families is in decline and the flow on effect is the overall decline in the working age population (Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 2014). In contrast Australia’s Indigenous population is
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