Professional Roles and Values

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Professional Roles and Values Project


Professional Roles and Values Project
Trisha Thorman
Western Governors University

Professional Roles and Values Project


Professional Roles and Values Project
Not only is nursing calling and a passion, it is a profession. As part of a collaborative group of healthcare workers nurses must adhere to their professional role and also keep at the front of the mind the values of this role. The role of a nurse is broad and the values of a nurse are many, thus it is important to define one’s role as a nurse and to contemplate upon the multiple values of the profession.
A. Functional Differences
Professional nursing organizations (PNO), such as the American Nurses Association
(ANA), exist to better the field of nursing by representing nurses country-wide. Nurses across the country can sign up to join the ANA in order to broaden their career by making an impact in the nursing profession. The purpose of the ANA is to keep lofty standards for the health care profession, promote justice for nurses in their professions, keep the public’s perception of nursing accurate, and represent the nursing profession to Congress (ANA, n.d.). A board of nursing (BRN) is an organization for each state (and US territory) and is part of the body that forms the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) for the United States (NCSBN,
n.d.). The NCSBN is responsible for the upkeep of the NCLEX exam for nurses, releasing statistics about nursing licenses, researching nursing-related topics and problems, maintaining a uniform profession and safe scope of practice, and providing discipline to violators of the scope of nursing practice (Cherry, 2011, p. 78; NCSBN, n.d.).
The are quite a few differences between professional nursing organizations and boards of nursing. Firstly, a board of nursing serves as a legal

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