Professional Regulation And Criminal Liability Essay

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Professional Regulation and Criminal Liability Catherine Lewis University of Phoenix Siobhan Jones-Hardy HCS/430 November 29, 2011 Professional Regulation and Criminal Liability The health care field is a delivery system and complex work environment which primary function is to provide standard of care and services to patients needing help. Nurse’s responsibility is to build a professional relationship with their patients and implement the physician’s orders after his or her doctor has seen the patient. However, the role of the nurse has changed from assisting the doctor and caring out his or her orders to assuming the role of the physicians. This paper the writer plans to address the laws and regulations Alabama enforces on their health care professionals. The writer plans to discuss the licensing, certification, registration requirements, and criminal liability. Alabama’s Laws and Regulations on Health Care Professionals Current regulatory policy concerning health care professionals is based on the assumption that the market for health care services fails because consumers do not have full information about the quality of services these professionals provide (Wilson, 2011). As a result, because of malpractice suits being filed some professionals are taking advantage of consumers by providing lower quality of health care services. Alabama Board of Medical Examiners and Medical Licensure Commission of Alabama sets strict amounts of education and experience required to practice and regulate health care professional. However, these policies identify the lawfully acceptable limitations of practice for the health care professional or the allowed range of health care providers' practices and specify the allowed business practices of health care professionals. Licensing When provided with a license to practice medicine from his or her state, the

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