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Nursing is a vast field in which people from different culture, beliefs, and countries work together and set an example. People from different culture adapt to the same environment such as medical and help others to learn and understand their own culture. The word culture can be defined in many ways such as beliefs, assumptions, myths, values, learned responses etc. Culture often becomes so embedded in the mind that when circumstances changes; it can be hard for the person to embrace themselves in those changes. In medical field, we have patients from different parts of the world who speaks different language, their religion is different, the medium of education is different and soon and yet they are taken care by the nurse who tries to adapt herself/himself to their patient’s culture irrespective of their beliefs. Likewise, basically I am from India, now I am in United States and according to my culture we do not consume beef, but being in medical profession and working in a nursing home as a nurse I have to help my patients with feeding and I do not have any problem with that as it is part of my job. According to the article, language plays an important role not only in medical field, but also in every field. Patients from different countries speaks different language and they do not understand what doctors or nurses are doing with them or what kind of language they are speaking for e.g. medical people speak medical terms while talking to each other or sometimes they do not even realize and they use the same terminology with their patients which is terrifying for them. id nurses are taking to the their patients in medical terms e.g. you have hyperlipidemia, the patient will get scare that what kind od disease he/she is suffering from, but if nurse tell him that the patient’s cholesterol level is high and he needs to avoid food that are high in fats, the patient

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