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8. Project Delivery 8.1 project delivery methods 8.2 integrated project delivery Owner · Who initiates a building project and responsible for payments · Individual (owner, developer) quality lacks · Organization/corporate · Municipal/government agency [qualification] based hiring · Design architect · Executive architects or architect of record [personal liable] · Consultant · Provide additional essential expertise not available in office · By architects or owner- vicarious liability · Liability can be transferred to consultant · Contractor [selected by owner or architect] · Responsible for actual construction on building · Sub-contractor [various trades] · Liable for construction Possible Methods of Project Delivery · Design-Bid-Build · Traditional method · Linear process [most time consuming] · Lowest qualified bidding contractor gets project · Contractor select sub-contractor · Negotiation of price if over budget · Potentially antagonistic relationship between players · Negotiated Select Team · A variation of design-bid-build contractor and sub-contractor selected · Allows a more control over assumed construction cost · Makes decision earlier that may affect cost · Usually certain contract terms are set as overhead and profit multipliers or fixed profit fees · Design-Build · Single point responsible and contact from design through final construction · Design and construction within same entity · Reduced risk · Can mean better design and lower cost , plus more profit for firm · Some construction companies hire architects to eliminate need for design architects-often resulting in reduced, mediocre design · Bridged Design/design build · Tipically architects represent owner to ensure design & building · Joint

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