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Relating to your Clinical Experience, Reflect on the Key Issues for a Radiographer in their Professional Role I am going to discuss the key issues facing radiographers in order to be successful in their profession and my experience with some of these issues. Although a radiographer’s key role is x-raying patients, radiographers must be aware of key issues including personal qualities, competence to practice, professional development, health and safety, data protection, radiation protection and infection control. These are all important issues for radiographers. I was very interested experiencing the various responsibilities radiographers have other than x-raying such as moving and handling patients. As such, I now have a far greater appreciation for my manual handling module. The three aspects of the keys issues facing radiographers I now want to explore and discuss are; personal qualities, radiation protection and infection control Radiographers are required to convey a professional attitude within the workplace, this is what the patients expect and deserve. If a patient is met by a radiographer who shows a sense of professionalism, the patient is more likely to cooperate thus contributing to the procedure running smoothly. Whilst I was on clinical placement, the radiographer I shadowed made the patients feel confident and they cooperated much better with her as a result. This was so because she used both verbal and non-verbal communication, i.e. By touching the patient firmly but gently. This showed the patient her confidence that she knew exactly what she was doing. Also, her gentleness shows the patient compassion. For instance on one occasion there was a patient in a wheelchair, whom was quite frail. However; she made the effort to stand for a PA chest x-ray because the confidence and friendliness the radiographer had shown, gave the

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