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The client The client for my assignment is a local, albeit small and relatively unknown magazine just beginning to establish themselves. The magazine covers anything from music and events to fashion and advice—basically similar to publications such as Citypages, and the like. The magazine also makes great effort in using as many local resources as possible and is committed to featuring local artists, events and such. They have a photography assignment available for a fashion spread coming up requiring five photos—one for a two page spread, and three for remaining adjacent pages. The shoot will feature locally made clothing, jewelry and accessories worn/used by all local models. Category of use I believe the photographs produced from this shoot would fall under the editorial classification. As the photos would not be used to sell the items, per se, as an advertisement would, nor would the products featured be competing with one another, editorial seemed to fit. Instead, the photos would be shot for the purpose of illustrating an article in a magazine. The photographs The shoot will take place in a grassy, wooded area located along a streambed that has already been previously scouted out by magazine staff. The idea is to have something of a “wood nymph” type of feeling, mythical and earthy. Three models will have already been selected through a casting call of sorts. Clothing and accessories have been donated for use by designers in exchange of any publicity the items being featured may receive and will be returned after the shoot. A stylist has been chosen from a nearby cosmetology school. Natural light will be used, so no need for lighting equipment (aside from a reflector or light meter, which I can provide), however, an assistant would be nice. A camera is necessary and a tripod could prove useful, both of which I own as well. CDs or DVDs may be

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