Professional Philosophy of Education Essay

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Professional Philosophy of Education EDU100: Issues in Educations Instructor Chawanna Chambers August 22, 2016 Part 1: What is your future career? One of the most unique components about life is that you have options/choices to do or become whatever type of person you desire to be. There are some people who have a desire to care for the sick, so they become part of the medical field. Next, there are others who enjoy protecting people and their rights as a citizen, so they become politicians. Then there are those who enjoy seeing the learning ability of a student progress at all levels of education, so they become teachers. Howbeit, my definition of a teacher is one who is able to reach the innermost parts of a child’s learning development, while creating mild stones that will pave the way for their future endeavors. I am currently enrolled in the Education Studies program here at Ashford University. This programs deals with every aspect of teaching, while concentrating on how a teacher is supposed to read and dissect every learning ability, within that student, thus, creating key management skills within a structured learning environment. Moreover, special education will be my number one priority in which I will pursue as a future educator. I have a desire and passion to work those, who are mentally challenged, and those who don’t understand their worth. With that being said, my plans are to become certified at all levels (K-12) concerning special education. That way, it will allow my teaching ability to be used throughout an entire district, and also, I will not be limited to only teaching a certain grade rather, my certification will allow me to teach at any level whether it being elementary, junior high, or high school. However, my main focus regarding where and who I would want to teach would be in the

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