Professional Philosophy and Career Choice

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Professional Philosophy and Career Choice Kinesiology is field currently growing larger and more important every day. While the principles of kinesiology have always been vital to everyday life; it has only been in the past few years that society as a whole has realized this fact. While the field has made great strides in the world’s awareness, there is still much we as professionals can do to improve the current situation involving physical education and health. As a future kinesiology instructor, a football coach, I understand how imperative it is to instill traits such as responsibility, determination, ethics, and the importance of exercise science in the future generations to come. As a football coach I believe that one of my main ideals will be the utmost importance placed on success and winning. I cannot agree at all with the direction that young participation sports are going we their viewpoint on winning. I do not feel that a child should be brought up to believe that he will be rewarded solely for attempting a challenge. This kind of backwards philosophy will bring many problems in the near future because we are telling the children that life is about giving the effort, not about actually succeeding. This is not the case in any kind of professional field today because no one really cares how hard you try unless you produce results and overcome the challenges you are faced with. Having said that, I also feel that participating in football for many is more than just playing the game. I myself played football for many years throughout school and even before that with Pop Warner leagues and such. All of those years spent playing did not only teach me how to run a reverse option or correctly execute a block, rather they taught me the importance of hard work, perseverance, success, and discipline among other things. As a coach I will make

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