Professional Nursing Values

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The foundation of any successful nursing career is built with continuing education, a strong knowledge base of the history of nursing practice and theories, strong ethical principal and learning effective application of the nursing process. This paper explores different areas that have personally influenced me as a nurse. These influences include Board of Nursing (BRN), Professional Nursing Organizations (PNO), ethical principles, nursing theory, and historical influences.

A. Functional Differences
The differences between a regulatory agency such as the Board of Nursing and a Professional Nursing Organization is that the BRN regulates, writes laws, approves licensure and governs nurses. The BRN serves to protect patient. A PNO consist of groups of nurses that gather for the purpose of education, and overall growth of the nursing profession and the patients they serve. PNO’s give a nurse peer support and continuing education. Regulatory agencies’ primary role is to protect the public through the Board of Registered Nurses (BRN). It is responsible for the writing of the Nurse Practice Act, which governs the scope of practice for all levels of nursing (ANA, 2012). The nurse practice act states exactly what a nurse can do at all different levels of nursing, what type of nurse can practice in what type of setting and what type of education various levels of nursing require. The board imposes these rules and regulations with the intent to protect patients from unsafe nursing (ANA 2012). BRN regulates nurses in a variety of settings and attempts to protect consumers in a variety of ways (ANA, 2012). The regulatory agencies have a multitude of pre licensure programs and many advanced practice programs to oversee which includes educational requirements, scope of practice, issue and renewal of license, issue certificates and verify information on all

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