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“Nursing is a profession many people rely on in the home known as a visiting nurse or home health care nurse. With the growing older population, many people are choosing care for a loved one perhaps nursing care at home.” (Baxter, 2011) A Visiting Nurse helps to improve the quality of life of senior citizens and many other patients that are home bound.

Most people want to be in the comfort of their home, even when they are sick. They feel more love and happiness when they are in the care of their loved ones and in familiar surroundings. This fact has helped increase the demand for Visiting Nurses all across the country.

Visiting Nurses are those that go to the homes of sick people who are in need of medical attention. They are needed to help patients to get back on their feet faster than staying in the hospital where their movements are restricted.

With the increases in the cost of medical bills, patients are no longer staying in the hospital for longer periods. Also there has been an increase in same day surgery where the patient goes back home following surgery. Patients need follow through visits which may only be done by Visiting Nurses. This aspect of nursing helps to reduce the cost of medical bills. The Visiting Nurse helps ensure that the patient’s condition is improving and coordinates with other healthcare team members to bring the patient back to a healthy stable condition.

Visiting Nurse also provide services to patients with such ailments as heart conditions and high blood pressure by helping to monitor their blood pressure and also by teaching them the activities and nutrition practices that would help to keep their blood pressure under control. Patients with diabetes also need to be monitored regularly. With the increasing population of people with diabetes and high blood pressure, more nurses are leaning

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