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Professional Journal Essay

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1. Introduction  
Journaling is a method frequently discussed in nursing literature and educational literature as an active learning technique that is meant to enhance reflective practice. Reflective practice is a means of self-examination that involves looking back over what has happened in practice in an effort to improve, or encourage professional growth (Blake, 2005).
Besides a professional journal is a record of events that take place within workday. The focus of a professional journal is tracking what an individual have worked on, and what he/she is working on. There's an old saying "you don't know what you know till you've written it down". By writing professional journal, it helps to track the progress made, and individual also begin to notice the gaps in their knowledge and skills.   The act of writing may lead to further reflection on, and reconstruction of experiences; reliving in our mind can deepen awareness, broaden perspective and increase understanding of experience (Holly, 2004). According Langley & Brown (2010), there are four major categories of benefits from journaling as professional development, personal growth, empowerment, and learning process facilitation.  
As for this assignment I’m reflecting my professional journey using Maslow’s Theory of Needs which is appropriate for my professional development. According to Maslow only unsatisfied needs are prime sources of motivation (Montana, 2008). In addition, Maslow’s Theory has been and continues to be used for understanding what the driving forces are, or what is important to individuals (Benson & Dundis, 2003). According to Maslow’s (1968) Theory of Need a person starts at the bottom of the hierarchy (pyramid) and will initially seek to satisfy basic needs such as food and shelter, than safety needs include physical safety such as protective clothing, as well as protection against unemployment. The third level is social needs recognize, that most people want to belong to a group....

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