Professional Interview Guidelines

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PROFESSIONAL INTERVIEW GUIDELINES I. THE PROFESSIONAL INTERVIEW 1. Definition The Professional Interview is a peer review process comprising an examination on the professional competency of the candidate by Corporate Members of IEM with respect to: a) Grasp and application of engineering fundamentals b) Ability to communicate clearly both orally and in writing c) Demonstration of ethical judgement in the conduct of all works d) Ability to accept professional responsibility e) Awareness of engineering sustainability, health and safety issues A successful candidate in the Professional Interview would have demonstrated his professional competence attained in all the following areas: Training and Experience Report; Technical Report; Oral Examination; Essay Writing - Section A, and Essay Writing - Section B 2. Glossary and Interpretation Glossary Applicant means an engineer who has made an application to attend the Professional Interview set by IEM. Bill of Quantities means the list of work items, raw materials, etc. and their respective quantities required to complete an engineering work. With regard to Chemical Engineering or related engineering discipline, the “Material and Energy Balance” in lieu could be considered as the Bill of Quantities. Candidate means an Applicant who has been approved by IEM to attend his Professional Interview. Design/Office Experience means the period, in man months, of training and experience of the candidate spent in an office environment to plan, manage and execute design work, feasibility study, research and development work, or operation and maintenance work under a Supervising Engineer. Revised September 2011 1 With regard to Civil and Electrical Engineering disciplines, the Candidate has to spend a minimum aggregate of twelve (12) months in design/office, while for other disciplines he has to spend a minimum aggregate of
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