Professional Interview and Response

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Professional Interview and Response Sheryl Arnett PSY 480 September 3, 2012 Amy McCall Professional Interview and Response Interviewees The interview questions were submitted to the Clinical Director, Tyra Hixon, LISW-S, LCDC3 S. Ms. Hixon is a graduate of The Ohio State University, where she received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Social Work. Ms. Hixon holds a MSW and is a LISW-S and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor with a Supervision notation (LCDC3-S). She has served as a counselor at Coshocton Behavioral Health Choices for 10 years, the past six years, serving as the clinical director. The questions were also submitted to Nicole Glazer, six years as the Legal Advocate for First Step, Family Violence Intervention Services, Inc. First Step is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to serving victims of violence in Coshocton County. The focus here is on similarities and differences between these professionals. Practice and settings Ms. Hixon practices in a rural, community addictions clinic, offering assessment, urinalysis, case management, individual, and group counseling, Intensive Outpatient Programming and Crisis Intervention. As Clinical Director, she is also charged with supervision of five other clinicians as well as interns and practicum students. Her specialties are addictions, particularly IOP (Intensive Outpatient Programming). Nicole Glazer is a Legal Advocate, she provides Trauma Informed Care to the victims of violence for which she is the advocate. Nicole Glazer also provides Crisis Intervention and ongoing support services for individuals and group clinics. Both of these strong women provide care for individuals who need help to find a sense of well-being. Ms. Hixon has considerably more authority, but both of these women have the same intent. Both of these women assist in outpatient care for victims, either
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