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Professional health Competencies Assessment 3: Case study (40%) 17508621 Depression case study Mary Jane a 47 year old widow was diagnosed with severe depression 4 years ago after the passing of her husband from Cancer. She feels extremely helpless and fed up as she has tried many different treatments and medications to help with her illness, but none have yet to improve her mental health. Mrs Jane impairment level although starting off very minimal within the first year, the last 2 years she has suffered from extreme weight gain resulting to morbid obesity. This is due to her depression causing a lack of motivation to exercise and also the consumption of large quantitative of very poor nutritional food .Mrs Janes Joints are very swollen and she finds it extremely difficult to carry out the smallest of movements. Mrs Janes also suffers from a sufficient amount of back pain due to the excess weight and strain on the body. She has difficulty sleeping resulting in constant tiredness. Mary Janes activity level is at a medium level. She is capable of completing most tasks by herself but she struggles as most days her depression is so severe she will not leave her bed. She also finds it extremely painful to move around due to the pressure on her joints and aching back, which discourages her from fulfilling tasks. Her younger sister Beth helps her with daily tasks such as cleaning. Her participation level fluctuates depending on how severe her depression at the time and her weight gain. Mrs Jane used to work full time as a receptionist at a law firm, but was let go due to constantly coming late or not showing up at all. She is currently unemployed. She socialises very little. Mr Jane although starting on light dose of antidepressants has now been prescribed by her GP a heavier dose of Lithium Carbonate (generally used to treat manic-depression), but has

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