Professional Deveopmental Paper

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Development of the Nursing Professional Karlene Graham Grand Canyon University NRS-430V-0103 January 26, 2014 Development of the Nursing Professional The Institute of Medicine (IOM) report dated (2010) reviewed the dynamic roles of the nursing profession. Several recommendations were made to improve nursing practice. The main focuses were on education, practice and leadership. Historically nursing roles have changed and evolved through needs. The National League for Nursing reports, that “transformations taking place in nursing and nursing education have been driven by major socioeconomic factors, as well as by developments in health care delivery and professional issues unique to nursing.” (Heller, Oros, & Durney-Crowley, 2013, para. 2). With all the changes occurring in healthcare from scientific, demographical, costs etc. so must the professional nurse advance to meet the current needs of the population. Impact on Education The IOM report stressed the importance of collaboration among differing professions. Recommendations such as revision of the educational curriculum need for more advanced practice nurses, attracting a more diverse student population such as males and minorities, and empowerment of practicing nurses for future educators and researchers. As stated in the report, “No individual can know all there is to know about providing safe and effective care, which is why nurses must be integral members of teams that include other health professionals. Nor can a single initial degree provide a nurse with all she or he will need to know over an entire career. Creating an expectation and culture of lifelong learning for nurses is therefore essential.” (Institute of Medicine [IOM], 2011, p. 202). Findings of the IOM noted that when different professional students interact, shared information and mutual goals which focuses on the patient’s

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