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Professional Development Plan

  • Submitted by: Awallace
  • on March 25, 2012
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Running head: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN                   1

Professional Development Plan: Week One Application
Your Name Here
Walden University

Professional Development Plan: Week One Application
This is where to introduce the purpose and format of the paper. Make sure to mention the degree you are seeking and your expected graduation date. It might also be beneficial to note the date this professional development plan is written.
Professional Development
In this section be sure to address the following questions.   Why are you obtaining your MS in Mental Health Counseling?   What factors motivate you to complete your degree and excel in your career as a counselor?   How do you intend to begin/continue your growth within the counseling field?   Name a professional conference you would like to attend.   Research the conference to obtain dates, locations, etc. Name a professional topic you would be interested in presenting at a conference.   Identify ways in which you plan to participate in scholarly writing at the local, regional, and/or national level and when you would like to have achieved this.   Identify ways in which you plan to participate in leadership opportunities.   Identify how you plan to review and understand the entire ACA Code of Ethics and when in your academic career this will be achieved.   Identify associations you plan on joining (American Counseling Association/your state counseling association/ Association of Mental Health Counselors), what divisions you plan to join, and when you plan to join. List continuing education opportunities you can engage in after graduation.   This is where you write about the ethical principles.
You will likely need at least three paragraphs to address all of these questions. Feel free to use more levels of headings to help the flow of this section. This will help you separate the paper into sections to address the various prompts to be included in the body of the text.   A secondary benefit of using...

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