Professional Development Essay

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Social Media and Public Relations With the development of the electronic technology and Internet, the ways of communication change radically and become colorful. Mass communication is carried out by mass media industries. (Joseph, 2011, p.14) The print media such as magazines, journals, and newspapers are the original means of mass communication. Social media, following the era of the network, is consider as the main way of online communication at home and abroad presently, which plays a vital role in our modern information society. The powerful online communication trends influenced and expanded in all areas of industries, for modern Public Relation, it is not only an opportunity, but also a challenge. America researchers first developed protocols that let the sending and receiving of messages via computer in late 1960s, the idea of online communication came out at that time and it first became possible for educational teaching in the 1980s(Warschauer,2001). Online communication is growing at one of the fastest rates of any new kind of communication in human history, and its long-term effect is really an underestimate. The study of North Dakota State University have pointed out that there are four telling trends in online communication: Ubiquitous connectivity, the App-based Internet, Facebook is the Internet and the knowledge landscape is flat. These trends demonstrate how the relationship between people and information is changing. (Working Differently, 2011)The unbelievable increase in mobile engagement is the biggest arguably trend of Online Communication, mobile smart phones and tablets are omnipresent. We visit website and surf the Internet via mobile devices, data reflects that the mobile visitation grew by over 200 per cent worldwide in 2011.(Marine Business,2012)Loving to wake up with new notifications every morning and our lives never complete
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