Professional Development Essay

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Performance Appraisal A. Identify the type of performance measurement system used • Check list performance measurement system • Supervisor and employee rate employee performance • Statements indicate a statement that best describes the employee performance • Employee completes evaluation and sends it to supervisor to complete B. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of the current model • Disadvantages 1. Statements are limited and employees are to choose one that best fits 2. biased in distinguishing the positive and negative questions 3. it can be time consuming for both employee and supervisor 4. It may be difficult for supervisors to analyze the performance of the employee with the number of statements. • Advantages 1. Provides feedback to the employee 2. Provides clear communication of what is expected of the employee 3. Gives employee control on their performance ratings 4. It can lead to positive behavior changes, such as more openness and honesty C. Identify the effects on employees • Not many employees will utilize this performance appraisal because it is time consuming. • Employees feel that some statement does not pertain to the performance or job functions for the organization • Check list performance appraisal is a first step in discussing problems or issues that the employee may be facing • Employees like to hear feedback from the supervisors • Promotes behavior changes and understanding of where the employee performance level in the organization D. Identify the effects on departmental performance • Department has an understanding of how to approach issues in the department • Department becomes more than a group • Department rely on each other for support as a team • Department performance improves positive outcome to promote good production E. Provide suggestions for improvement • Allow more time for
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