Professional Challenge Essay

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My Professional Coaching Challenge Experience Daniela Bryant MBA 6010 Course Abstract In this course I have experienced the kind of coaching that I can guide and lead others to dream big and make the right decisions despite the obstacles. There are many things that we can do each day that make a difference not only in our success, but in our short and long-term strengths that could help us achieve those dreams. I have enjoyed being the person in the people who coach me and that ones I have coach because I was able to empower their life and my. I was also able to give and receive the support, guidance, and faith in the abilities desire. I was able to move and help others to move towards our dreams, as we create a detailed action plan, practical and down to earth, for each of our goals. I helped to discover what’s doable and the right intensity for us, and that we can stick with. In this experience I was able to find warm, opened-hearted support, and understanding without judgment with the use of the Grow Model. My Professional Coaching Challenge Experience Over the past five weeks my mind has been crammed with so much information I felt as if my head was going to explode. If it did at least good stuff would come pouring out. When I first thought about coaching I just imagined someone screaming at you what you’re doing wrong. This is a form of coaching, true but I learned about one with a totally different approach and it can be used at work with your team members and with your peers. Whitmore’s GROW model teaches how to coach for performance and be effective at it. There are several different principles of coaching and they are all beneficial when used effectively. My first week of coaching, I went in with an open mind because I knew I had no idea what I was doing. I would learn later that this isn’t the mindset needed to be effective. I
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