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Professional Athletes Being Role Models Do athletes have a responsibility for their actions outside of their sport? Absolutely! It is fair to say that they are considered role models? It is also fair to say that their responsibilities are not merely limited to the football field or athletics track. I put it to you that athletes do have a high responsibility for their actions, both within their sport and in their wider life. No one lives in their own little world, what we do affects others. We all have responsibilities for our actions and the effect they have on others. However, athlete’s worlds are widely published and therefore, the effect their actions have on others are not limited to their immediate sphere. Everything they do is quickly & widely reported in the media which has become so powerful device for both increasing communication and ridicule. Whether the media is fair in how they report things is debatable, but in the end that is irrelevant, the reality is that any fault is widely reported. It is about time athletes got used to this idea. So, we all have responsibility for our actions. And, the younger we are the more easily we are affected by the actions of others, so when are we most affected by athlete’s actions? It’s when we’re young, when we all dream of being a famous professional athlete at any sport. This means unfortunately for athletes, their actions are even more influence. Of course we have to be fair in how we judge, and what responsibility levels we demand. Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk recently attracted controversy with photos on Facebook of them posing in a gun store. They were given a penalty that seemed to exceed their crime, after all gun stores are legal, shooting is legal, we learnt that the whole swimming team had previously been at a shooting range as a bonding exercise, so why

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