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Nursing is an outstanding career that is both challenging and rewarding. I believe the infinite reward that one can gain can be successfully satisfied in the field of nursing through the support, and care for others, as well as self fullfillment.Though nursing is not for everyone, I believe I have the qualities that are vital for individuals to work in a dynamic environment. It is not only essential to describe why I have chosen to pursue this field, but how I'm going to accomplish advancing my career. I am currently a licensed practical nurse at the Syracuse veterans hospital, and have practiced for six consecutive years serving our nation's veterans. It is a gratifiying yet humbling experience. This position has inspired me to further my education, so I can be able to extend resources and knowledge to my patients and collaboratively work with my peers to meet patient goals.

The potential is endless in this field, from specialty areas to general population, and from newborns through geriatrics. Nursing is probably the most personally rewarding job there is. For the people I will care for, I will see myself making a difference, whether it is bringing physical, emotional, or spiritual comfort. Knowing the fact that you can help or offer your help without hesitations is very encouraging.

A nursing career will allow me to develop as a human being and have the legacy of caring for others. Knowing there are many different routes to decide in pursuing the profession of a registered nurse, I have taken careful consideration into my options. I am certain that pursuing a baccalaureate degree will suit my wants and needs better than any other option. I believe the baccalaureate degree will absolutely fulfill my need of a challenging and dynamic school environment. After obtaining a baccalaureate degree, I plan on obtaining a masters degree in nursing and then

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