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Selling- involves a person helping another person. Personal Selling- refers to the personal communication of information to unselfishly persuade a prospective customer to buy something a good, a service, an idea or something else that satisfies that individual’s needs. Salesperson- works with prospects or customers to examine their needs provide information, suggest a product to meet their needs and provide after-the-sale service to ensure long-term satisfaction. Golden Rule of Personal Selling- refers to the sales philosophy of unselfishly treating others as you like to be treated. The 5 Concept: Production – Concentration nasa mass production Product - Concentration nasa development of the product Selling- depends on the salesperson Marketing- pinagsama sama yung tatlong concept (concentrate to consumer needs) Societal Marketing- Csr involves the society Types of SalesPerson: Traditional Salespeople - They don’t care to other but to their self / they exaggerate the information. Professional Salespeople – Will tell you the truth about the product Golden Rule Salespeople - They ask you what product you want and not forcing you to buy. Types of Sales Job: Selling in Retail - Retail Salesperson sells goods or services to consumers for their personal, nonbusiness use. Direct sellers sell face to face to consumers typically in their homes who use the products for their personal use. Selling for a wholesaler - Wholesaler (also called distributors), who buy product from manufacturers. Wholesale person sells products to parties for resale, producing other goods or services and operating an organization. Selling for a manufacturer – manufacturers’ salespeople work for organizations producing the product. Salesperson working for a manufacturer may sell to other manufacturers, retailers or directly to consumers. 5 manufacturer sales position: * Account

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