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CASE STUDY VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY CORPORATION : KEY STRATEGY IN CREATING COMPETETIVE ADVANTAGE IN HIGHER EDUCATION IN THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES Milan Z. Dimitrijevic In the relentless struggle for survival, profit maximization and minimization of costs , university owners seek to maintain a balance between the enormous fluctuations in the market of higher education and the environment in which they operate. Private university offer in third world countries is increasing ,"qualities" are almost equal, but the final product brings us back to reality, and it's graduate who has no practical knowledge and experience for the position of secretary in a small company. Analysis of way of work of private universities, collecting data from employers of all sizes and also collecting data from students, I wanted to find strategy that could be useful for everybody, for university, students and for employers. Research has shown that establishing VUC model ,University has the ability to produce highly educated and qualified staff, rise the level of quality of study and significantly become more competitive on the market. Final product of VUC model, will be a student who has quality practical knowledge to answer efficiently on challenges of the market and demands of employers. VUC model creates new dimension of managing changes, as well as a material for upgrading existing theory of all disciplines of management. Introduction General overview of the case In third world countries it is a big enough challenge to live, and a special challenge is to be engage in private business. Large number of obstacles which will be listed and explained later in the paper, not only make situation more difficult, they are disabling proper formulation and managing of private business. Dr Milan Dimitrijevic has written this case study in his capacity as a professor of strategic management at the

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